Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bloody mum again...!

I had a post lined up for today, I took pictures and everything of the
barrels I have been working on and the CM I just finished the other
day...go to put the pictures on the computer, and, voila, no card
reader!!! But not to worry, I was looking through some pictures I took
ages ago with the intention of posting them here, but as you can see I
never got round to it!!
Today's pictures are a couple months old, when Magic was just clipped
for the shows. So I had the bright idea of plaiting her mane and
turning her into a show horse!! It started off good, then, a discovery
was made, thick/long mane does not roll up into very nice bobble
plaits!! So I didn't even bother rolling up more than about 3 before
unrolling them again!
See what I mean, it started off nice!

And then of course she just HAD to have the grass under my feet!

that's the first lot of Magic pictures up! Tomorrow will be my barrels
and CM and I will save the rest of my unposted pictures for another day

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