Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Teeny Tiny Fiddliness

And just sheer craziness!! This project started months and months ago,
probably almost over a year ago, I had got as far as cutting out the
tree and putting some leather over it, I guess for the seat. I found it
a couple of weeks ago and decided to finish it...for my first mini
scale saddle and second (or maybe thrid) saddle ever I think it is
coming along nicely. I made the panels too fat so ripped them off and
will make some more tonight, then it just needs the skirts added and
really it is done then. I do need to make some wee stirrups though,
that is was the long bits of leather are off the sides of the saddle -
stirrup leathers. I plan to make them adjustable.
excuse the green nail polish!! I bought it the other day for school (to
'support the house' at sports days etc) when I was in town and thought
I had better try it out!!
looking forward to making the bridle for it!!! Though I did save some
teeny tiny bits of leather for it, they would be less than 1mm wide!!

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