Saturday, December 10, 2011

Black Pinto Stranger

Well, as promised pics of my pinto CM I finished earlier this week.
This guy didn't turn out as great as I'd hoped...being my second pinto
you'd think it's be better than my first, well, this is not the case!!
It is alright I guess, but somehow I managed to get brush strokes all
through the white, you can see them in the pics!!

I'm not sure the pinking turned out all the best either...

The brand is some china one probably. He is made of a rubbery material,
like the Breyer Micro Mini's. It almost looks like a cheap take on
Breyer's Traditional size Flame the Island stallion,
except this guy is about the same size as the bigger Schleich horses.
Barrels tomorrow. And I have some pictures of Ruff to share as well...I
hate having a load up of things to post!! Then when I get around to
posting them it is a week later..
But, yes, there is a but, this is a real life one though :) Magic was
dropped off today. She is going in foal to a silver bay/liver chestnut
(we are uncertain what colour he actually is!!) boy. Can't wait to see
what she has!!


Sharon Kerr-Bullian said...

Were you using soft brushes, or the cheap hard plastic brushes? VnV was having trouble with brush strokes on her pintos, and when she switched to soft, high quality brushes, that helped a little. You also need to make sure to use lots of layers of milk-thin paint instead of one thick layer to eliminate brush strokes. Hope that helps! :D

Kismet Lodge said...

The brush I used is fairly soft, I think I need to get some new brushes though anyway. Thanks for the tip, I saw about the 'milky resemblance' on Shoestring Stables' blog and knew you needed lots of layers of watered down white to get it...guess I was a bit lazy this time too! haha!