Sunday, December 18, 2011

Western themed weekend

Mum decided she needed a new horse, a colt this time though. She
managed to get him and another wee filly we haven't picked up yet for
$550 which is pretty good for nice horses, and they were local too.
The colt is a wee bay blanket appy called 'Woody' or 'Woodham Ryes a Splash of Colour'. (Sorry for the cruddy pic, it is wather hard taking a decent pic of him when they are both trying to come up and sniff you!!)

He is pretty fine and leggy and actually looks like a yearling. Most of
the other horses round here that other people have do not look like
yearlings, they look quite a bit more mature and more like 2 or 3 year
olds, not the scrawny little things that are all legs that they should
look like. The only downside to Woody is he hasn't had much handling,
so he is quite jumpy...and likes to I have a feeling a few
whacks will be coming his way!!
The lady we bought Woody off had a wee halter for sale that mum saw on
Trademe the night before. It should fit Magic so mum bought it, for me
I guess since it is meant for Magic. Since Magic is not here at the
moment, and Pony is the closest to Magics colour here, she is the
chosen model!!
a funny fit round the nose though, it is out to the last hole and is
still tight on Pony, though she is a large B (being about 36-37" at the
wither) so she has a bigger head that wee Magic. Can't wait to try it
on Magic when she comes home!!


Sharon Kerr-Bullian said...

He does look like a yearling, doesn't he? I wouldn't be surprised to find out he's a few months short of two. He's very pretty though :)

Kismet Lodge said...

I'm not sure how old he is, will have to find where mum put his registration certificate, that will say when he was born.