Thursday, December 8, 2011

More backups

Yup, I forgot to get the cardreader off mum, and she didn't put it back
so I am posting more pics I found the other day! I really must get my
own reader...then she can't steal it!!
So today's pictures are a random bit of fun I had awhile ago...before
Magic was clipped also, so probably around September-ish before the
shows had started. Every once in awhile I see the wee pony pad sitting
on the rack with the other saddles so I drag it out and chuck it on
Magic....not that it fits!! Which almost reminds me of a of post on Jen
Buxton's blog, things work better when they fit!! Just this is the opposite problem, the horse is too small this time!! Although she isn't that much too small!

anyway, Mr. Bunny, who I think is called Caramel (I won it when I was
about 4, the rabbit was almost bigger than me!!!) was just itching to
go for a ride, and sitting on a saddle on the rack just wasn't enough.

Now that is MUCH better!

I'm not all that sure that
Magic was that pleased about having an oversized rabbit sitting on her
back!! Good thing she is well behaved or bunny would have gone
toppling!! And don't take any notice of bunny, no shoes and no helmet
makes bunny a rather bad role model!!

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